About Us

Where it all began...

Throw back to the late 90's, first started as an idea to promote our family restaurant business in Melbourne. The internet was new and it was the start of our vision of online marketing for fellow hospitality and tourism businesses, inspiring locals and visitors about where to eat, drink, sleep and play.

The Website.

The first Melbourne site went online in 1998. Back then, the internet was dialup, Google was in nappies with a $100k in funding, Netscape was the browser of choice, Yahoo and AltaVista ruled the search world. Not being techy or coders, we handbuilt the first site in Frontpage just to get online until we could replace it. Our first Melbourne site was cringy, but we managed to build it, chipping away for hours a night over many months in between doing our day jobs: v1 Web Archive

The Portal.

We were working jobs full time, self-funding the site, we wanted to rebuild the site, so we got a few quotes from developers who were floating budgets of $100k+, so option of building a new site was way beyond our scope. A couple of years later, working as a sales rep in the drinks game, I was fortunate to cross paths with a local uni student and a tech whiz who graciously helped us build a “newer” website pro bono. Peter Mescalchin, who did a stellar job creating our portal site which we kicked off in late 2002 as an independent leisure, lifestyle and entertainment guide, connecting locals and visitors to businesses, tours and activities in Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

Pete moved on and we got sidetracked with careers, new businesses and family took over for a few years. In between, the site stayed highly active till late 2015 when we decided to pull the pin on the ageing 2002 version and start a fresh: v2 Web Archive

The Guide.

After years focused on family, working in corporate and back to a brief stint in hospitality with our café, the kids nearly in high school, it was time to knuckle down and finish what we started wayback in 98. Now with the advantage of some 14 years of web development under our belt, tapping away again for nights and months on end, releasing version 3 of Melbourne in late 2016 and changing to 

Starting at ground zero again, taking adavntage of the latest web technology and trends to bring things up to today's standards. is completely new. A fun and functional destination guide and influential online gateway connecting locals and visitors to everyone and everything in Melbourne & Victoria, the world’s most-liveable city and one of Australia’s most highly visited regions. The first in our .Guide network with Sydney & Queensland Guides ONLINE late 2017.

As a world class hyper local business directory and content rich events and tourism guide, we proudly continue our role inspiring, informing and motivating locals and visitors to enjoy, explore and experience the hospitality, tourism, entertainment and services on offer;

Marketing and selling the businesses, events and deals 24/7, supporting hospitality & tourism operators at the heart of our local and regional communities increase exposure with powerful destination specific digital marketing and distribution.

Whether you’re a local, a visitor, small business in the burbs or a BIG brand covering the state, we invite you to add your business, event or review a business while browsing around.

Join us championing small business and make the home for everyone and everything.